Siuna, Nicaraga History


Š      Written History of Siuna, Nicaragua – History of Siuna I wrote thanks to a Fulbright scholarship (Spanish translation now available!). I have lots of primary source documents about the history of Siuna. In the future I will post online what I can under copyright rules. In the meantime, if you are looking for primary source materials about Siuna please email me and I will try to help.


Š      Photos of Siuna courtesy of Jim Drebert – An amazing photo collection from the Drebert family of Siuna during the “company times” of the mid-20th century.


Š      Paramount Newsreel – 1946 Newsreel “A Town Survives by Jet Plane!” describing how airplanes supplied Siuna during the company times. In English with Spanish subtitles. Thanks very much to SPPN Images for finding this footage!


Š      Another Version of the Newsreel


Š      Music at the La Luz Gold Mine in the 1960s – A video Tupac Aviles and I made about the music of Amos Johnson in Siuna during the 1960s.




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Photo of a ninety-nine year-old Don Nicholas and I in Limbaika in 2009. Don Nicholas worked in the underground mine in Siuna. He is examining some copies of the Drebert Family photos I gave him.


By Benjamin Jastrzembski